New projects in the works

I found a new pattern… I am so in love. It’s the Louisa Harding L9-03 Bramble. There is lace, which I really enjoy doing. Most people who I talk with, either hate, or love lace work. There is just something so great about having to pay attention, while knitting. I have since found out that I end up purling, while doing a simple garner stitch piece. In turn I have decided that I need to pick projects that will keep my mind engaged, so that I don’t mistakenly start the stockinette stitch in the wrong place.

I thought that the lace was getting lost in the crazy colour way, so I decided that I would knit it in Zen Yarn Garden – Matrix Splatter. I had 3 skeins of this yarn, that I had in my stash. I thought that it would be amazing as the virus shawl (a crocheted triangle shawl), but it never really felt right. Now that I have been knitting this piece, it feels right. Sometimes yarn tells me what it wants to be, in this case the yarn has spoken, and it will be a beautiful cold shoulder top.

Louisa Harding L09-03 Brambles

I can’t wait to finish this one. I started it Thursday evening, I finished the waist ribbing Friday evening. Saturday I was out playing late, came home to try to working on my sweater. So I figured out that knitting while tired, is not a good idea while being sleepy. Lace requires a sharp mind, that doesn’t have cobwebs. I worked on it today before running around doing errands and things. I am loving the way it looks, so far. I should take pics of the progress I have gone so far. I will get pictures tomorrow in the light & add them. I am so in love with this project.

Ok, I have stuff that needs my attention, so until next time,



Sunday seems to have gotten away from me again.

I’m not sure why I can’t seem to remember to post on Sundays. So I think that I will just post when I feel like it. It might be twice a day, or twice a month, I’m not really sure.

The Yule feast was awesome. The decorations looked great (if I do say so myself)We had to many people that we had to run another table up the middle to fit everyone in. It was a great feast. There was so much merry-making.

I keep on forgetting about writing this blog. I just have to sit down & punch the keys until the post is written. So much to do, and so much to say, but it’s late & I want to get into my bed.

So until next time,


woops, it’s been so very busy around here

I have been so busy, working on learning how to quilt. Which I totally love (which is kind of weird because of how freaked out I was about sewing machines… It’s a long story which I might share one day, just not today). I have been trying to figure out if I should keep this blog as a knitting/crocheting blog, or if I should extend it to all of my other crafts. Which I have many. I could not leave my house for a month & still have things left to do, but I can’t really afford to not leave my house. *le sign*. I think I need to be come a extremely rich person, so that i could work from home & possible have D working with me from home. That would be awesome, and yes we have worked together before, so we do really know how to spend 24 hours a day together.

Ok getting back to what this post it about, I still have a ton of things to do this week (we have a yule feast on Saturday). I am on the decoration committee, so that means that I have a list of things that I need to do still. I have 6 of the 8 table runners made, I have to paint paper shields. This I am totally loving, it so much fun & I get to be a bit crazy on the colour combo, and designs on the shield. I have decided that if I can get 5 – 6 sheilds done a day I should have enough for what I have pictured in my head. So far (as of last night) I have 4 painted & 1 template cut out, I will be working on the sheilds again today. Next thing on my list of things to do, is make center piece wooden boxes, that will have candles and greenery. I also have another shopping trip with S to get her part of the decorations for the hall. I’m hoping that it will be awesome crazy, and beautiful.

Well I have to get my butt in gear, do the grocery shopping, and then get back here, so that I can work on Yule feast stuff.

So until next time,


Another weekend came & went…

Why do the weekends seem so long, but really way too short. It’s only two days, but if you don’t have anything planned two days can be crazy long. This weekend was a bit different from every other boring weekend. I normally sit and knit or sew, or crochet, or read, or any number of other things that can entertain me, however D sometimes struggles with the boredom. We this weekend we spent a couple of hours donating blood, then we went into a local park, where we went climbing uphill through mud & ice. its was so much fun. We even found a tiny little inlet of frozen river (well really it’s little more than just a creek) where were found rocks to try to throw through the ice. The sounds were wild, and so crazy kind of like the guy up in Alaska who throws rocks. I wish that I had my phone with me, so that I could have recorded it, as well as taken some pictures. Oh well, next time. We then decided that we should go up the hill to see if we could find another path, since we didn’t think that we could make it around the bend in the river without getting our feet wet. I think that part of the conversation went like  this”well since the water is frozen, I dont think we can make it without ending up in the river’. Well as it turns out, my feet were soaked from the mud & ice we were climbing through. It was so much fun I kind of want to do it again, maybe even on a bigger hill.

Today it was football day, I don’t mind so much, since D loves NFL, I can hangout in the living room, while he is in the den smoking cigars/pipes & enjoying the games. So today I worked on a mohair sweater that I am making for a friend. I then decided that the pair of socks that I am making myself needed some attention (it’s been a couple of weeks). I put on some roast beast, with yorkshire puddings and veg for the sides. so very yummy, and for once my yorkshire pudding turned out. Last time they were harder & more dense than a frozen hockey puck. Trust me they were hard. Now it’s time for me to get myself some sleep, since I work in the morning.

So until next time,


Third times a charm

20171001_194511It’s 23:27 on Oct 01, 2017. I have thought about writing at three different times during the day. However I was knitting, and thought to myself “one more row”, Every knitter, crocheter, cross stitcher, & embroider has said, or thought this. So one more row turned in to forgetting to wake up my laptop, and 2 or 3 hours later realizing that I hadn’t written my post for the day. Again I would think about what to write, then I would get distracted and now it’s quite late, but in reality it’s still Sunday.

I have put my wedding dress aside for a bit. I wanted something that would go a bit faster, something that would be material, and I can see progress. So I had decided to knit the sweater in the picture above. I’m loving it. I have only been working on it since Tuesday last week, and I have the hood, and yoke of the sweater done. In the next row I will be able to tie off the sleeves for a while, so that I can work on the body. I think that I will add internal pockets, and possible change the sleeves, by adding thumb holes so that they will look like a really long fingerless glove. I also might add buttons, but I haven’t really decided on that yet. Mind you buttons would be so easy to add-on at a later time. I still have a bunch of time to decide. I have set a goal to have my sweater completed by , Oct 27, 2017. I will be a one month sweater. Once it’s done, I think that I will be ready to pick up my wedding dress again.

Well I have to work in the am, so I should get myself to bed, so until next time,


missed a week… woops

I had forgotten to write a blog post for last week, once I realised what day it was, it was way too late to write a post. It was Thursday, if you were wanting to know. So I guess it might be a good idea to schedule something into a calendar or something like that. Or I better start paying attention to the days of the week. I guess I will have to think of something that will help me post more regularly.

Lets see what have a been up to the last couple of weeks. There was a tons of sewing the last couple of weeks, I had to make 2 middle earth party costumes. Well I totally screwed up the sleeves in my quest to build two costumes in less than 3 weeks. I took a while to figure out which characters to be. One was for me, and the other was D. All in all, it turned out great, and I really liked the end results.

Then there is also work. We are getting our fall inventory right now, so it’s been a bit crazy there. I am still working on getting stuff written, and getting pictures for the on-line profiles. I am really excited about it. There is just so much work to do still.

I’ve got to start dinner, so until next time,


woops, missed a day

Well really it’s a couple of day. I have to remember that I plan on blogging on Sundays. It seems to be the day that I have the least amount of plans. However it’s not Sunday, or even Monday… woops didn’t even think about blogging, due to sewing costumes for a middle earth party this weekend. Also it’s my birthday on Friday. It’s going to be a very busy weekend.

Oh man I just remembered that I have so many websites, blogs, and books, that I need to read/watch & write… I don’t think that I have enough time to do everything that I want too.

I have started “The Dress”, it’s looking great, however I’ve only got 1 rows done. I know, I know it’s 10 more than I had done last week. I want to spend all of my time working on it, but I just have so many other things to do. Maybe after birthday, party & everything else that it happening this week, I will be able to find some time, to work “The Dress”.

Well, I’m at work right now & I have a bunch of things running loose in my brain right now (I’m sure you can tell by my rambling) and I still have things to do here.

So until next time,


Made a super big decision this week

So this week, while I was at work, I decided that I would look for knitting patterns for a wedding dress. Yup that is right I want to make my own dress. I could sew it, but I think that it will be even more special if I was to knit it, and it will also be so much cheaper about $150 or less. When you think about it a wedding dress can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I’d love to get some sheep, and then shear them, but I don’t think that I have the time, or the knowledge to go a long that path, so I have found the most amazing wool. It 100% Merino wool from Peru. My dress will be even more traveled than I am, heheh. I Haven’t be off the North American continent. I guess I will have to save up some pennies (well more than some pennies) so we can travel.

1930's knitting - minerva dress

I have totally fallen in love with a pattern. It’s just so happens to be a vintage I’m guessing that it’s from the late 1930’s or so. I am also thinking that I might do some bead work on the dress. I will have to work out the bead pattern in my head, before I can even try to add them to the dress. The beads will also be able to add some colour or shine. The lines of the dress are so amazing. I can’t wait to show progress pictures, but I haven’t started yet… I guess I could take a picture or everything that I have gathered so far… wool, pattern, stitch makers, & the likes. I still need to figure out the needle size I am going to need, since the pattern is an old one, and the size that I think it is, will be way to big. So I think that I will have to look into some knitting needles from work.

I was talking with one of the customers (about my dress), and I came up with a brilliant idea. after I get married in this dress, I can dye it and keep on wearing it. I am not going to be one of those brides that only wears her dress once. I will be able to wear multiple times. I so love that idea, I will have to decide on the colour after the wedding.

Well there are things needing my attention, so until next time,


Shocking! It hasn’t been months

I have been asked to create/design a blanket for the store that I am working on. I love this idea. We picked out the yarn (Cascade Yarns – Melilla (x 6 balls) and Cloud Cotton (x 3 Skeins), and the colourway (which I am not doing to share, because I want it to be a surprise. I already have the hooks at home, so I can get started just about any time. I have just started working on the design in my head & in excel. I’m really hoping that it will translate from my head to excel, and then into the yarn. Time will tell. If the translations are not as smooth as I would like, I will just have to frog it & then start again.

Man, oh man technology and nature do not get along. I had to take a small break from writing this post (on Sunday), dur to a practice. I decided that I would take my little ol’ laptop, and write while not shooting my bow. I have never tried this before, little did I know that I won’t be able to see the screen, and in turn couldn’t write my blog post… I was so frustrated, because I wanted to get it done.

I can’t remember what I was going to write for the rest of my post. Maybe it will come back to me, and maybe it won’t. It’s now Tuesday & I don’t really have a lot to say yet, so I think that I will leave it here for now & try to think up something cleaver for my next post.

There are things that need my attention, so until next time,


About time I get up & start working on this again

I’m not sure where to start. I guess maybe at the beginning again. I kind of got blown off track with Feb 2016. Everything I knew about life was smashed to bits. I still had an amazing man D, and fuzzy face, but everything else changed. I thought that I was ready too come back a couple of times, but life seems to have other ideas for my time. I would say/plan to blog a couple of time, however something else would grab my attention. I would be excited about something, and then it would fizzle out & I would lose interest in writing about it. Again I am trying to pull up my boot straps (so the saying goes) and fire this up.

Lets see what has changed since the last time I was here… This will be quite a change from what I am used to doing. For just about a year I worked in a crafting store. I was kind of the yarn expert, then I changed departments a couple of times, to got into the frame shop. Loved working there but needed more of a challenge, and wanted more responsibilities, so I have changed jobs. I will be taking over the on-line media for a local store (I have to get clearance before I can name it here). With some major changes its time to start writing and having fun on this blog again.

Well there are things that are wanting my attention, so until next time,