1. one of the most amazing man I know, Dave. He makes me smile, even when I don’t want too
  2. my home. we have done lots of work to make it our home, and not just a place we live
  3. my friend. some that I have had for decades, and other ones that I have just made
  4. my hobbies (what this blog is all about)
  5. my family, sometimes I want to  strangle all of them, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world
  6. my pets. Well really I have 2 fish. but they make me smile & scientifically they help to lower blood press & stuff like that
  7. sunshine – here in the south arctic, we get 6 months of winter (ok, it only seems like it), so when we get sun shine it makes me smile
  8. my new rubber boots. I can not go splashing through the puddles, instead of around them.
  9. reading. there are so many subjects to read about. in each subject there are tonns of books. there will always be more books then people who can read & this also makes me smile
  10. this blog. there is something great about writing stuff. Who knows, who will be reading my words. I just hope that my words will make someone else smile.