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I have been working on an amazing shawl. The colour palette is called “Dragonfly”. Blues, Greens, and Purple. It’s beautiful, and feels buttery soft against your skin. This shawl is so deceptively warm. Deceptively warm you ask, well if you are getting cold, simply cross one side of the shawl over the other. This will effectively trap your body heat.  If you are getting too warm, simply open the front & let your trapped body heat out.


I love creating this type of shawl. The pattern is call “Open weave crochet”. the material is Acrylic, so it is durable, and even washable. The easy wear shawl is great all year round, but would be most beneficial in the spring, or the autumn. Perfect for the days that start cool, get warm, and then cool down again. There will be more pictures to follow.