So my little corner of the inter-web is starting to take shape. It’s small corner, where big things are being planned.

Hopefully the picture that I have uploaded will attach to this post. If it did AWESOME! If it didn’t then let me describe it… small desk, laptop on the desk, broom stick shawl (that has been completed, and available for sale), little black drawer, and a yarn bowl on the drawer. It feels so comfy in my little creative corner. I have learnt 2 new stitches, and re-learnt one in this little corner.

If all goes well, a girl-friend & I will be doing a craft show in the fall. It kind of depends on registering, and getting organized. This is so very huge. I’m excited & terrified at the same time. There is just so much to do between now & then. The craft show will not give out any information until Sept 10, 2014 & you have to register in person. Well since I still have a full time job, and working business hours, I will not be able to attend and register, but I am totally hoping that we can totally get organised and can pull this off.