A lot of people have fallen in love with a cowl worn by the female lead “Claire” in Showcase’s “Outlander” series. The  show is based on a book written by Diana Gabaldon with the same name. I read this book many, many years ago & love it, I even got my brother to read “Outlander” as well. It was that good!

In the book dresses, cloaks, and outer clothing is described. I never really thought about cowls, or scarves from 1743. I love the look of this cowl. It seems that there are even more people who love it as well. I shared a picture on my Facebook page, Hundreds of people have “liked” or commented on it.

A friend of my sister has asked if I could recreate this cowl. Well I got out some practice yarn and set to it. I think that I’ve got it, more or less. There will be pictures of my practice “Outlander” cowl shortly.

Well, I’m going to see what else I can made, so I will leave you for now,