Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, hope you are having a great, relaxing weekend. Last week I was on on vacation. Lots of late nights, with even later mornings. I don’t think that I was out of bed before 09:00. It was so lovely. Tuesday I go back to work, and everything will get back to normal :{

I love this time of year, not only because I do not have to go to work, but also the colours of autumn. The temperature is cooling down (which I love), there are a tonne of cute/beautiful shawls, cowls, sweaters and more.

I decided that I wanted to try arm knitting.  I was surprised at how you can get in to a rhythm and you have a beautiful garment in about an hour. I made this with Lion brand Homespun, “Shaker”. Love how warm this yarn is.

I have also finished my first pair of fleece lined mittens. Yay me!!! LOL. I have another 2 hooded scarves that I need to start/finish. I’ll post a picture of the awesome mittens later today or tomorrow.

got to get my hooded scarves started.