Thank goodness it’s Friday (even if it’s only by a couple of minutes). This has been a crazy week at the full time job. There was still 5 days worth of work, and only 4 days to get it completed. As well as trying to get caught up for a week vacation. Ugh so much to do & so little time. Ok enough about the full time job, its now time to talk about “Knot so long ago.”

There has been so much working going on right now, I have completed 1 hooded scarf, with matching fleece lined mittens. I complete hooded scarf, 3/4 pair of fingerless gloves, 3 “Outlander” cowls, and 1 arm knit cowl.

A while ago I was talking about a craft show, well it looks like that is a no go, however I have another lead toward another “flea market” in my neighbourhood. I haven’t heard back about this one, but I have my fingers crossed.

I received a very important letter in the mail today. It was the city business license. Oh my good grief, I’m so excited about this. I need to get a frame, take a picture & then hang it up on my walls.

Well I have to get up for the full time job tomorrow, so it’s now bedtime.