I am in the process of closing my Wix shop. It was just too much work for 1 person to do. But don’t worry, I will be opening my Facebook store, called Knot So Long Ago, shortly. As soon as I have it up and running I’ll share the link here.

I’m so excited about this move. I just didn’t have the time to manage the wix page, facebook page, this blog, twitter, instagram, as well as make product. I was spending so much time trying to figure out the “plug & play” that I was getting burnt out & didn’t even want to turn my computer on at home. Ugh!!! Hate that feeling. But now I’m hoping that it will be easier to contain all of my social media.

Quilted Lattice Ascot Designed By: Pam Powers Difficulty: Intermediate Basic Skills Needed: Knit, Purl

Quilted Lattice Ascot
Designed By: Pam Powers

Now on to the fun part of my crazy little business, I have been working on neck coverings of all kinds. Hooded and regular scarves, hooded cowls, and shawls. I started another one called “Quilted Lattice Ascot“, it’s such a cute neck warmer, I can’t wait until it’s done.

Well I have products to build, until next time,