Yarn swiftI have purchased a couple of new toys for Knot So Long Ago. I have to admit that I totally love them. One was a “Swift” and the other one is a ball winder. There is just something so great about about using these two things. The swift works best when used in conjunction with the ball winder, however the two can be used separately.

Ball winderI love the beautiful little pucks that this winder creates for me, they stack up beautifully. I can line up these little pucks in awesome rows, which make my eyes super happy. I adore the order that I can start to create which results in alluring displays of colours.

Interchagne NeedlesI also purchased a set of interchangeable knitting needles. This is one of the purchases that has made knitting (increasing/decreasing) so much easier. When I get to the “change to bigger/smaller” needles in the pattern, I can now leave the piece on the center cable, and change a needle, then carry on with the pattern. These amazing needles save lots of time and energy that would normally be spent looking for new needles.


Well, I still have things to wind into balls/pucks, and fabulous creations to discover. So long for now.