Darn-it, I missed Wednesday. Well not really, but I did miss my Wednesday post. Ugh! I really hate missing my post day. As I mentioned in the last post, things are still a bit crazy, I’m still not sure where the month of February went. It seems like it was just the beginning of the month yesterday. One of these days I will be able to figure out what my hour eaters are. Until then, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.

corner to corner afganToday I want to talk about a new stitch I have learnt. It’s amazingly quick, and I totally love it. It’s call the… hmm, I’m not sure what the stitch is called, but the blanket is called the corner to corner afghan. I started this last night & I already have 20+ rows. I love the colours, the only problem with this stitch/pattern is that I’m going to run out of product before I have the size blanket I am wanting. Oh well, I guess that means that I have a trip to Michael’s in my for see able future.

Well I have a couple of other things, I need to do before going to bed, so until next time,