I was struggling to think about something to talk about today, until I had an amazing idea. I have decided that I would share with you, what is going on in the back ground, when I’m working on any one of the knit or crochet pieces.

My fiance and I decided that we would get rid of cable again (once the Superbowl was done), we called the provider, and had it shut off. It’s been a month, and a tiny bit, of no TV shows, no terrible commercials, and brain dead hours wasted. We normally have Jazz24 playing in the back ground. But last night my Fiance decided that he wanted to listen to Pearl Jam-10 on vinyl. We have been slowly collecting vinyl for just over 2 years. We have everything from Classical (Bach, MozartWagner etc.) through 1990’s grunge. Music will be playing from the time we get home from out day jobs, until it’s bed time.

Now that I have told you what I have on, in the back ground, please let me know what you have in on the back ground.

So until next time,