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(I’m not sure why this didn’t post last night. However I was able to copy the link and paste it to my Facebook page. I’ts so weird.)

As I was laying in bed, just about to let myself fall asleep I realized that it’s Sunday. It’s only 22:59 I still have time. I got out of bed, headed to my laptop, and here I am.

I have some exciting news, we (My Fiance D & I) were at one of my favorite shops in Inglewood (just east of downtown Calgary, AB) when the shop owner asked me about some yarn, and a woolygig woolygigI had just bought. What is a woolygig you ask, it’s a double spindle yarn holder. The bottom layer, has a small doweling rod, that gets inserted into a hollowed out doweling rod on the top layer. This is used to put round yarn pucks/cakes on. This tool is used so that you don’t have to waste time & energy trying to find the end tucked into the middle. As I was telling her about it, she asked if it was something that I was knitting for myself. I told her that I would be selling it, she said “you can sell it here”, then we talked a bit about what I needed to do to start. I am super excited about this opportunity. I still have tons of stuff from my craft shows, so I’ll sort them them in the next week or so, to decide what I should try selling first.

I also spent a lot of time today relearning a stitch I haven’t  used in a long time. It’s called the “Mitered Square” stitch. You can knit, or crochet these squares. For a knit square there is a steady decrease down the center of the square. For the crocheted square there is a steady increase in the middle of the row. Personal I like the look of the knit square, it just looks tidier then a double crochet square. I had to frog a couple of times, because I would decreasing in the wrong spot, or on the wrong side. After figuring out what I was doing wrong, I now think I have the hang of the stitch again. I have finished two squares, however I had started about seven or so. I’m thinking about making a little person (baby) blanket, but I haven’t decided yet. I still have about 30 or more squares to make, before I have to decide.

It’s getting late, so until next time,