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Yup you got it, it’s Wednesday, and I’m blogging before bedtime. So it seems that for me to have a slight chance of blogging on a schedule, I have to write it down & start paying attention to the days… Ok all kidding aside.

Today I want to talk about how yarn can seem to run wild through a room, or even a house. There are yarn trails everywhere in our place. My poor D. He puts of with these little and not so little wild yarn balls running a muck everywhere. I have a trick or two up my sleeve. One of my tricks is a yarn trap. A while ago a friend of mine post a picture of a containerYarn trap with grommets that can hold the wild yarn balls. These yarn traps will only let the yarn out a little bit at a time. This is a great containment system, until you run out of containers. These traps are cheap to make, I got the containers at a dollar store, and the grommets can be picked up at Wal-Mart to any hobby store.  the yarns traps stack nicely, and since the plastic is clear you can always which little wild yarn ball is caught.

D and I enjoys a Whiskey, or scotch every once in a while, I will grab the boxes, container. I like to stuff yarn cakes/pucks into them, and they look awesome on a shelf or two.  Yarn trap(2)Again this containment system is on the cheaper side, well the boxes, or containers are. The price of the Whiskey/Scotch is a whole other topic. I can’t wait until I get my hands on more of these kinds of yarn traps.

Another trick I have is a Yarn corner. This containment system is not as good as the yarns traps. I grab all the yarn I can find at the time, and put it in the corner. I try to sort it, and stack it nicely, but it doesn’t stay organised for every long. The little wild yarn balls can grow into the meanest, nastiest yarn knot monsters you have ever seen. It takes all kinds of skills to tame a yarn knot monster. I currently do not have any yarn knot monsters, just a could of wild little yarn balls, and that is the way that I want to keep it.

What is you best trick or tip for keep control on your wild yarn trails?

I have to herd a couple of my little wild yarn balls, before they grow in to yarn knot monsters, so until next time,