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I’m still not sure where Saturday & Sunday went. I swear it was only Friday yesterday. So once again I am a day behind.

There is so much excitement around the Head Office of Knot So Long Ago. I’m dying to tell the world, however until everything is signed, I can’t share the news. I am sure this is part of why I keep on losing days. There is just so much to do.

Ok, lets get into the crafting part of this blog. I have always loved the look of cables. The twisting over, and under on itself.

When I attempted a cable knit sweater for the first time, it was hmm how do I put it… awful. I hade holes, stripes, cables on both sides of my sweater.Featured image (I wish that I had a picture, but it was about 20-ish years ago. I frogged it about 20 years ago) I loved that first cable knit sweater until the second time I tried my hand at cabling.

I seemed to get it, after working out what the heck “C4F, C4B” meant. Let me break this down for you, C = cable, 4 =The # of stitches, F or B = front, or back. So you would take 1/2 of the # of stitches, off your left needle, hold them on a cable needle, hold the needle either in the front, or the back, knit the other 1/2 of the # of stitches from your left needle, then knit the stitches from the cable needle. You want to take care not to twist you yarn and knit the stitches in the wrong order. I am convinced that is how I ended up with holes just about everywhere. Once I got a handle on reading the instructions, my sweater constructions seemed to be so much smoother, and there weren’t as many holes.

I think that it might be time that I build something super cute, with a couple of cables, maybe even the hot water bottle above.

Well my lovelies, I have yarn calling my name, so until next time,