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I just realized that it Wednesday night. And just before heading off to bed, I needed to write a blog post. The bacon is in the pan (for breakfast tomorrow), and Jazz24 is playing in the back ground. There is just something so relaxing about listening to good music, while trying to be creative, words just seem to flow. This post will be a nice short one.

Anyways lets get to the meat and potatoes of this post. I bought a really cute boot toppers crochet kit from Craftsy.com. I have been wanting to start the pair, but I needed to finish knitting one of the Herringbone cowls I started last week. After finishing the cowl, boot topperI started a pair tonight with the beautifully lush, soft cream colours yarn. Darn I can’t find the sleeve to tell you want it is. I’ll add the yarn info at a later date (once I am finished the first skein). I love the look of these boot toppers. I have bigger calves, so they are a little bit tight on me, so I’ll put them up for sale. Once i have finished the pair, I’ll price them.

I can’t wait to finished this pair, so that I can start another pair that is going to be a bit bigger, and possible another pair that are a smaller size.

Well bacon is done cooking, and I need to get to bed. So until next time,



Update: I found my yarn wrapper… yay I can share yarn info with you. The yarn is made by Crystal Palace Yarns. 100% Microfiber Acrylic – 98 yds/50g