b-day ballonsToday is the first birthday of this blog, as well as Sunday. This is so exciting. the days seems so long, but the weeks, and months feel like they are flying by. I should have planned  the celebration notice better. Oh well there is always next year’s celebrations to start planning.  I am looking forward to many more birthdays for Knot so Long ago. Cake & presents will be later today… Just kidding.

Ob-day presentk on to other interesting things. Have to seen the “Sixes and Threes Cowl” by VeryPink Knits. Oh my gosh, it’s so very pretty. If you are going to watch her tutorial, she will show you the techniques that you will need. I love the look of it. I have decided that I am not going to make that one, but some thing of my own creation, based on this cowl. I think that this one will be a b-day present for knot so long ago.  I can’t wait until it’s done. It’s so pretty.

b-day cakeWell I have things that need to be done today. So until next time.