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There is just something so aggravating about having a project pick out, going to your yarn stash pulling out all the yarn you have in this one type, or colour, or even weight, only to find out that you don’t even have enough to finish half of your project. I have been working on a Granny Ripple blanket. I think that I will be frogging it, and starting over with other materials. Oh well, the blanket will have to wait for now.

I have started making a household cleaning tool. I am kind of on the thrifty side, and I don’t like to spend on replacement clothes, so I have been crocheting a Reversible Swiffer cloth. I’ll post pictures once I have it finished. The shaggy side is used for picking up hair, and dust, and anything else on the floor. You clean the hair off the cloth and then turn it over to clean up the tiny little bit. I am thinking that I might made an orange infused cleaning solution to spray on the floor to use with the flat side of the swiffer cloth. It will be a double whammy while cleaning my home.

I have to get my breakfast ready for work tomorrow, so until next time,