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While writing my last post, I noticed that there is a cute little box to the left of the text box, that well let me schedule my post. So what that means, is that I can spend a couple of hours writing a couple of post & I can have them “magically” post on the inter-webs while I am not here. This is kind of exciting, see how I have no idea what day it really is today. I have Friday (April 03, 2015) off, so Wednesday & Thursday are all mashed into one day. It’s very confusing some times.

Ok, on the fun stuff, I have used the sixes and threes scarf as inspiration for a gift to myself for the first year of “Knot So Long Ago”. I have picked a dark grey, a white & a multiple coloured (light grey, green, and purple) I think that it will be amazing once I am done & I’ll post pictures as soon as I get it done. I can’t wait.

My step-sister has requested a couple of toques for her cousin’s newborn twins girls. Breast feeding toquesIt’s going to be so great once I get these toques done. I have to giggle every time I think about it. I can just picture it… two babies with these amazing toques? I went and got the material, so that I can start tonight if i wanted too. So I think that it might be time to get my needles out & started.

So until next time,