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EasterSo it’s a long weekend for me. Today we are going to spend time with family, so I’m posting early.

Good  Friday I was off, Saturday & Sunday, I normally do not work. I have taken Monday & Tuesday off, so it’s a mini vacation from my full time job. I am loving all this time off. I plan on relaxing, knitting, crocheting & reading materials for running my micro business. I also plan on getting my Facebook shop up this weekend. That way I can start selling stuff.

I still haven’y got my stuff organised for selling in the shop I was talking about a couple of weeks ago. There is just so much stuff going on. Back in February I posted about being scattered. Well, it’s because the head office of Knot So Long Ago will be relocating in June. I am packing (very slowly, like maybe 1 box a day) the office/storage space. There was so much going on so quickly, and now it’s slowed down.

Well there are things that I need to get to before heading out. So until next time,