I have no idea why it’s so hard to step outside of a comfort zone. There are a tonn of things that are outside of my zone or bubble. This last week, I decided that I would try some new yarn. I am so in love the feel of a soft, smooth, and bulky yarn.

Loops & Threads - RainbowI grabbed a yarn called “Loops & Threads – Rainbow”. (Not the picture to the left.) When I was in the store, I felt the yarn, pulled a couple of faces & decided that I would use it. This yarn is kind of rough, and itchy. I am creating the open weave shawl. But I am thinking that I will wait until the piece is done, to see how it feels. If the shawl is too itchy, then I will line it with a fleece, or something soft that will feel beautiful next to your skin. The colourway I choose is called Golden Rod. There are light yellow, gold, teal, purple, and navy blue.

Loops & Threads - LinksI also grabbed a yarn called”Loops & Threads – Links”. This one at least has a soft feel, and has a bit of a shine to the material. This yarn is like an I-Cord that you are creating with. I love the feel of this yarn sliding between my fingers. I am so glad that I found this yarn. It’s so amazing. I decided that I would make a large scarf. It’s so warm, and pretty. the colour way that I chose is Ocean Blue. This one is a blue, purple, and grey. It’s so beautiful. I love this one. I’ll post pictures of the scarf at another time.

Well I have things that are calling my name, so until next time,