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I followed a couple of links this evening, to some amazing blogs. The people who run these blogs, are amazingly talented. There is sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, gardening, painting, and cross stitching. Most importantly, I got an idea, an amazing idea for my blog post. There are about 7-8 ladies, from around the globe that post a progress post every three weeks. Well I think that on my blog, I will write about stuff on Sundays, and then do a progress check on Wednesday. This way I will start to get my pictures/product on my page. I am so excited about finding these blogs, I followed a bunch of them. So this might be my last wordy Wednesday. oh wait I like the sounds of that, maybe pictures should be “Show me Sundays”, and the written part can be “Wordy Wednesdays”. Still working on the format. It’s kind of funny about the way somethings just come to you, when you start thinking it out. Heheh.

I wonder if anyone would like to do something like a weekly post on projects that they are working on. I think that weekly would be better for me, since I can get a twin size blanket crocheted in about a week or two. I totally love this idea. It will also help me get some of my other crafting WIP (Work-In-Progress) completed. I have a bunch of cross stitch pieces that need to be completed. Thank you ladies for being an inspiration, and having such a great idea, whoever come up with the idea is brilliant.

Well I have some pictures to take for Show me Sunday, until next time,