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Nubby Cloths .01

I thought since this is the first I would start at the beginning. These little dishcloths were the beginning. I love these little cloths. they are so versatile. The pattern said that they are “dishcloths”. They are, but they are so much more then just that. They are strong enough to scrub any pot/pan with cooked on food, however they are gentle enough to use on yourself. I have one in my shower that I use for my face. KSLA may have came from simple beginnings, but I will not stay there.

The¬†stresses of real life, seems to have caught up to me. This week, there was working my regular full time job, trying to work on KSLA, as well as helping a friend at a trade show. Well a lack of sleep, not eating so great sometimes, and just because, I seem to have caught the cold from hell. That won’t stop me from posting, and crafting, but I don’t have a lot of breathing capacity. I’m going to try to rest & see if that will work. I started to feel a little tickle in my throat on Thursday, Friday my voice & throat were doing weird things. Yesterday while at the trade show I did a lot of taking, we went out last night & the cough started & was just getting worse and worse. so now I’m trying not to talk at all. maybe some hot tea & a nap will help. who knows.

So until next time,