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Dropped and found wrapI have fallen love with a new stitch again. My goodness you are going to think that I falling in love at the drop of a hat. Well when it’s a new technique/stitch for knitting, or crocheting, then yes I do.  I have found a beautiful wrap called “Dropped and Found” designed by Jessie Rayot. there is so much texture to this wrap. I can’t wait until I have finished my wrap.

My dropped & found wrapThe material that I am using is called “Cascade Yarns – Pinwheel” colourway = Hearts and Spades. My wrap is a variegated red, white, blue, purple, chocolate, grey, and black. I am very happy with the colours. You start this wrap, with a simple garter stitch until you have reached the length that you are wanting, then you drop the stitches. It’s such a cool stitch. I still have a long way to go. I started this wrap about a week ago.

Well I have knitting that is calling my name, so until next time,