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I totally missed yesterdays’ “Wordy Wednesday”, boo I took my medication & it knocks me out. But if it helps any I did dream about blogging. I have no idea what I was blogging about, but it did seem to go on, and on, and on.

I keep on getting in trouble with D. I feel fine, but I have buggered up my vocal cords somehow and I keep trying to talk. I am a very social butterfly at work & just about everywhere we go. I try to talk, then I end up coughing pretty bad (due to the strain on my vocal cords/throat). On Monday or Tuesday D said that he might just have to tape my mouth shut. Well I still have no voice, and I have managed not to get “TAPPED” yet. We both really want my voice back.

A little while ago I posted about the swiffer cover, well I have a slight obsession with them. I have made 1 blue, purple, & white (100% Cotton). 2 blue, grey, & Black (100% Acrylic). 1 green, dark green & charcoal (100% Acrylic), 2 white, grey & black (100% Acrylic). There are laminate floor in the new location for the H/O of Knot So Long Ago. So I want to ensure that I have enough of these little covers to ensure that the floors are always clean. I am sure that I have enough material to make 3 of each colour. If I have enough acrylic after building all of them, I will try to mix all the colours together. This would be a great project for stash busting. (That can be next weeks Wordy Wednesday.)

Well my swiffer covers are calling my name, so until next time,