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I was wondering the interwebs in the last little bit, and came across a super cute little skirt. I so love it. I might have to make a dozen & then find people to give/sell them too. My family has all boys except for 1 girl & she might be too tall/big for that cute little skirt. Maybe I can make her one & 1 for her doll & they can have a dress up day.

So it’s blanket forts & colouring books for the next couple of days, I have really done a number on my voice. It might not help too much working in a call center environment. However, 3 more days of not talking + the prescription my Dr. gave me today should help. I’ll have movies playing in the back ground while I’m sipping tea & knitting, or colouring or something like that.

The last couple of nights I have been re-loading all of my music on my laptop & it’s taking hours & hours. Hopefully once all of this is done I’ll be able to get my phone & music library to sync & everyone will be happy. If I can’t get the damn thing to sync this time, it just might get a one way trip out the window & under the tires of my car. But who knows…  So I now have everything from Classical right through to Metal & everything between. Crafting is going to be so much different once I’m done getting all of my music re-installed. A quick search on the interweb and this is what I have found regarding music & creativity. I am sure there is a ton of stuff on the web regarding this topic, so if you want to know more; google is will be your best friend. Heheh

I’m still working on the Dropped & Found wrap. It’s going to be so warm & awesome once I’m done. However I have found that the yarn that I have is not enough. I have another skein of the same yarn in a blue, green variation. I hope it will be as cute as I think that it’s going to be. It will be my Show me Sunday.

Since I will be building a blanket fort, i need to gather my building materials. So until next time,