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oh wow. I know it’s just a small typo, but my fingers decided that it was May 17, 2014. I seem to have lost a year… heheh well not really I caught it & fixed it.

Dropped&Found1Alright lets got to the “Show me” part of Show Me Sunday. I have been drooling over the “Dropped and Found” shawl for about a month now. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this shawl. I think that the next one I’m going to make, I’ll use the stockinette stitch for a bit of a different look.  think that I will also maybe only use one colourway at a time. Since this one is for me, I wouldn’t change it in any way. I totally love how this one turned out.

I have to admit that this shawl/wrap was a bit intimidating at first. This is the first time that I have done the drop stitch. It was a little bit of a stress point for me when I had to drop the stitches. By the end of the first completely dropped row, I was fine. Stress was back to normal, and on to the next row. By the end of the third I did’t even notice stress levels.Dropped&Found2

I wasn’t really sure about the colourway, being such a contract. But I am so happy with it.


Cascade Yarn – Pinwheel – 12 Oceanside – 200g/440 yds

Cascade Yarn – Pinwheel – 11 Hearts & Spades  200g/440 yds

Needles: US6/4.0mm 24″ circular neeles

Well I have chores and things to do today, so until next time,