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HallwayUsing my picture from last week. (just triple it and you are getting close to what we packed today.) Today’s post is going to be a super short. As my dad would say “I am nackered”. I have no idea where this expression comes from, but the way I am intending to use it, is as another word for blood well exhausted. Since I haven’t been feeling well I haven’t been packing very much. Well that changed today. I haven’t stopped to take pictures, so I don’t really have anything for “Show me Sunday”.

While traveling on the interwebs today, I saw some really cute Chair Leg socks. I think I might have posted it to my facebook page, but i don’t really remember right now. Anyways I decided that I did not need a pattern for the socks. Oh my god. After making 1 round Crocheted sock, I decided that I wanted knit & more rectangle. So again I decided that I don’t need a pattern & just started making it up. Well I got two done (between spending time with D, and packing). I’ll get pictures sometime this week & post them.

Well it’s not bedtime & I am so ready for sleep, so  until next time,