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I know that it’s been too long. I also know that it’s not Sunday, or Wednesday (well it’s almost Wednesday here) and you might be asking “Why is this crazy not knowing what day it is lady posting”. well the answer is because I need to start posting again & i figured that today would be the day to start again.

I’m sitting in my new office, boxes & yarn every where. I love it, but I get a bit overwhelmed with it all. I still have to work on the spacing on my desk. Right now I have a sewing machine, a printer, a laptop (cordless keyboard & mouse) and stuff every where. I have to spend more time in here working on getting everything into it’s new space/home.

Crazy Cruvy Awesome wrapI finally got around to getting a public library card. I found a an awesome crochet book & this is one of the wrap that I wanted to try. The instructions were written a bit weird, and it took a bit of work. But I seem to have the hang of the pattern. Since I have 2 full swirls done. I love the way that the  curves are so extreme. The curve on the left side of the picture, is the same size as the curve on the right side. Once I have finished all the mofits & joined it together, as well as blocked the piece, you won’t be able to see the difference.  I really should go get the book , so that I can share the name of it, but I’m on a bit of a roll here. So I’ll just have to do an update tomorrow or something. This pattern would be a fun one for a crochet-together. I’d love to see what colours other people would choose. As you can see here, there are blues, greens, grey, and cream. ( I had a really big crush on blues, it didn’t matter the shade, I had to have it… heheh, now I’m more of a any colour that catches my eye.

Well it’s getting late & I have to work tomorrow, so until next time,


Update: the book is called “The Best Of  Interweave Crochet a collection of Our Favorite Designes” by Marcy Smith

The real name of the wrap is “Infinity Wrap” by Kristin Omdahl