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Happy Canada Day (to us Canadians) & July 4th (to my American friends) Hurray!!! I love holidays, love having days off work, however it really messes up my week, when the holiday lands on a Wednesday. I am so mixed up this week. It’s Mon… no wait it’s Thurs… no wait it’s Sun. Nope that’s not right. I give up, I have no idea what day it is. Ok let’s move on shall we?

Crazy hair-cutLets see what should I talk about, or show you?

I totally decided that I would make a drastic change, so I chopped off my hair. Now when I say that it’s chopped, I’m talking about 16-18 inches of hair. Not that you can tell in the pictures on the left, my hair was almost to my waist. Now it’s almost long enough to touch the top of my neck… heheh. that is so funny to me. People at work kept on asking me why I cut off my hair, we it’s been 30C – 38C, and  oh my good god all that hair was too much to bare. So I walked into a shop, asked that they chop it off. The hairdresser asked if U was sure. I’m not sure about you, but it’s just hair. It will grow back, but I totally love my new hair cut. It’s so healthy, and you would never know it from the picture on the left that I have curls. I can’t even begin to tell you have happy I am with the hair cut. I have gone from a very low maintenance girl, to a medium maintenance girl. I have to make sure that my hair isn’t standing on end, and now that I have such short hair, I have to wear makeup, so that I don’t look like a boy. heheh. I said this as I was walking by my bosses office & she shook her head, and started laughing.

Ok, lets talk about Knot so Long ago, I have started a scarf using the “Delicate Branbles”. However I have decided that I would skip the little pocket, and knit stripes. I have a beautiful teal/purple/orange/green & blue variegated yarn. I will get a picture of my scarf & post it on the weekend. I can’t wait for your to see it. It’s beautiful I love it, however I think that next time I make this scarf I’ll use bigger needles, and the same yarn wait, to make it more airy, and lacy.