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Last Sunday we went to our local Humane Society. We totally fell in love. We adopted a super cute, hansom Tuxedo cat named Merlin. We were filling out paperwork & waiting, kind of hoping that no one else had their eyes on him. Well as it turns out there wasn’t. Yah for us. Just before we got to bring Merlin homeWe got to meet him, the write up on him said that he is a bit shy and needs a bit of time to come out of his shell. The write up also said that he doesn’t do so well with being picked up. We had him purring in about 10 seconds. We were picking him up, and we were touching his feet, as well as rubbing his belly,  and just talking with him. We knew in about 15-30 seconds that we weren’t leaving without him.

close up of hanging with the DaddyHe is such a big suook (sounds kind of like suck). He loves having his cheeks/chin rubbed. He is a total floper. If you get the right spot on his neck/cheek/chin he will lean into your hand & then just flop on the floor. He is such a laid-back kitty.

He went to the vet today for the first time today & everyone loved him. The vet said that he is a bit on the chunky-monkey side, but she isn’t too concerned. The carrier was an adventure all in it’s own. that will be a store for another day.

So as your can tell I haven’t been spending every much time on Knot So Long Ago. I have been spending time with Merlin, making sure that he is happy & floppy. I have to find the balance between Family time & work time again. I will have to stop playing with fuzzy-face & get back to work. Well I have projects that are calling my name. So until next time,