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Today is Wednesday July 22, 2015

Office 1.0I started to turn my office around the day after I figured out that it was backwards. I moved the desk, the yarn rack, and the book shelf before heading out to a family event (My oldest brother turned 50). The office just feels better. I am still working on getting everything back onto the shelves, and put away. I am totally surprised at how fast it was to move things around. I should have taken a before picture, and now a after picture. It just never felt right & I really didn’t want pictures. I still have lots of work to do in here, but I can totally start to see the shape of my office. The glass desk is the first thing that you see when you walk in. It’s fairly large and takes up most of the room, which is OK, since I spend most of my time, knitting, crocheting or writing at the desk. I would hate to try to do all of that on a smaller desk. Since the desk is clear glass, it ins’t to visually heavy for the room.

Office 2.0My yarn rack as well as the book shelf are across from the desk. My yarn rack was converted from a baking rack into a yarn rack. It turned out that we didn’t have enough room in our kitchen for the rack, so it came upstairs to my office, where I started to fill it will yarn. Some yarn has been wound on a ball winder, and some haven’t, I will have to start using my yarn traps. I really need to do an inventory of my stash (woops that was more of a side note to myself). Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy, I’ll get another one & post at a later date. I have also finished setting up the book shelf. I worked my tail off getting my office set up this way. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the way that my office “feels” now. I’ll try to get a picture of the whole office, so that you can fall in love with it as much as I do. It’s hard to get everything that I see into a picture.

It has been decided that I should let my fuzzy face (Merlin) into the office when I am in here. I can correct him, when he is getting into mischief. So far he has just walked around, sniffed at a couple of things. He really just wants to be with someone. Besides his crying at the door & the little paws that would reach under the door was heart breaking. I know, I’m a total push over & a suook. I can’t help it, he is so cute, and as I  said I am a total suook. I love when my fuzzy face rubs against my legs, or jumps up into my lap.

entralac forest green

I am now working on an entralac lap blanket in a dark forest green. It’s so warm & I have only finished 3 rows/sections. It will be amazing in the fall, winter once the temperatures start to get colder.

Well I have knitting to do, until next time,