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Aug 13, 2015

Have you ever been so hot & uncomfortable that you can barely think? today the temperatures reached 36 C. which translate to 96.8 F. Temperatures like this, last for a couple of days and then the temperatures will return to normal like 20 C. but it’s just so hot…

Fuzzy face (known as Merlin) decided that he would walk up the bed & purr softly right beside my head waking me up at 05:45. Who knew that fuzzy face would be so active in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe because it’s not so hot. He probable feels more comfortable withe cooler temperatures. I can’t wait to get into my bed tonight, but “Wordy Wednesday” needs to be completed.

I have started a super cute ribbed cowl. It is a 2X2 ribbing. There was a sweater cowl that I found on Ravelry, I didn’t add it to my favorites, no that would have been way too easy. So I am now kind of just making it up. I really want to finish it with some kind of pretty edging, but I am not sure what kind of an edge to use. I will have to look around the inter web, too see what kind of edging there is, maybe something that has three points per mofit. If by “Show me Sunday”, I still haven’t figure out the edging, I’ll ask for help.

It’s now bed time, seeing how I have been up for 17 hours today. So until next time,