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Sunday August 23/15

I have no idea where all of August has gone so far. I remember as a that the summer seemed to stretch on for just about ever. Now you blink & summer is almost done. On Friday we had snow falling in parts of the city I live in. The sky was so dark and the clouds were so thick that we didn’t see the sun at all, then reports of snow. It was a kind of crazy day. Ok, lets get on with it…

Sweater Cowl-TealI promised to share a picture (or two) of the sweater cowl that I was working on last week. Well I have finished the cowl. I didn’t really figure out the pointed edging that I wanted. The next one that I make will start with the lace edging & then build the cowl. I love how warm this cowl is. I used a double strand of worsted weight. This cowl has such a beautiful weight. I am kind of thinking that I might keep this first cowl. I totally love the softness of this yarn.

I was walking through Michael’s Craft store one day. I found mystery yarn, in the the “Clearance” bin. I think that it might be an acrylic. I’m not really sure what kind of fiber this is. The picture doesn’t really do the colour justice (please also forgive the clutter in the back ground). The colour is a gorgeous Teal. I’ll try to get a better picture in natural lighting, so that everyone can love this little cowl as much as I do.

I was so happy with the way my office had been changed once I figured out that the office was backwards. Well My Fuzzy-Face (Merlin my cat) showed me just how wrong it was. I had my laptop on the top shelf of my desk, fuzzy-face decided that he was going to walk across my laptop/desk & kind of knocked the laptop off. I went diving for the laptop, Fuzzy-face ran for the door. It was chaos for a second or two. I managed to save the laptop, and Merlin was under the couch in the living room. My poor little fuzzy-face. Well, I have changed the orientation of my desk & now if Fuzzy-face walks across the desk my laptop will not fall off, since it is now against the wall. I’ll clean up my office again & then post pictures, so you can see the new, new floor plan.

Well It’s almost midnight here, so it’s bed time. Until next time,