Aug 29, 2015

Thought that I would take a moment to stop in and say hi. I stil, haven’t figured out the days since we moved. I am trying to figure out where the whole month has gone. The full days at work seem to drag by, every minutes seems like an hour. I look at the clock I am sure that some days the clock is going backwards. However the month is gone in the blink of an eye. I both love & hate that.

My amazing love D is giving of himself today. We are at the bloodbath today. He is able to give blood which he does every hnace he can. I have white coat syndrom, any time a blood presser cuff comes me, my blood pressure will spike. This kind of really makes me sad, since I can’t give like D.

OK on to the next activity for today, after the blood bank we are head off to visit some friends that we haven’t see in a while. We asked what we could bring and D was told “bring the laptop, wife & and an appitite”. Should be a great afternoon.

Well my lovelys, I have crocheting to do while D is big drained. Heheh that just sounds so morbid. So until next time,