There never seems to be enough timein the day. I have so much today & so little time to do it. I really need to start scheduling mt time better. This way I can plan on blogging. I still haven’t fully set up my office. I still have tonnes of pictures to take. But I will got to them shortly.

Last weekend we painted our bedroom. It is the more beautiful red you could ever imagine. The colour is called “Oreintal Express”. The setting sun shines right into our bedroom, and the colour just radiates love and passion. I love spending time in there even more now. I’m sill deciding on if I want the office to be a different colour or not. I have a while to decide, since painting the room last weeke seems that I have buggered up my thumb. It isn’t really affecting knitting or crocheting. Just work stuff like typing, writing and the likes of that.

My sister has a new baby Jackson. I can’t wait to meet him. I think that he & his Mummy are in BC right now, I’ll have to send her a message to see when they are back.

One of the ladies at work is expecting, and my little sister’s BFF is also expecting in late Jan 2016. I think tHat for the next little while I’ll be creating and building baby blankets. I will do baby neutral for the next two babies, but for Jackson, I will being going baby boy colours. I have already started his blanket. I don’t want to post pictures yet, because I want to give it to him first & I would like it to be a surprise for his Mummy.

Well I have baby blankets calling my name, so until next time,