Baby J is so sweet. He is so tiny. I love babies at this size. He is just over 5 weeks old. My sister told me that he slept under it the night that I gave it to him. I love that they are using it. So I can now show you what the blanket looks like, I couldn’t show it off before giving it to them.


As a side note, this blanket took about 2 – 2 1/2 hours to build.

(sorry the picture is so dark) It’s on of those super squishy, soft, & warm blankets. As it so happens if baby J grows too fast, I can always ad on to it. Or if He would like a differnt blanket as he gets older/bigger I can totally do thtat for him too.

Alright on to the business part of this blog… I have started my #asaleadaychallenge. There is a lot of work to be done, but in the long run, it is all things that need to be done for my business. I am on day 4. And funny enough todays is all about taking really great pictures (not the one above) so that people can really see how great my stuff is. I amkind of really excited about this one. I have great stuff, but my pictures do not match, so I’m going to learn how to fix them, so that they match. Great work + great pictures should = sales.


I did not really get a lot of time to work on Knot So Long Ago stuff. In the morning we headed off to the Home & design show. We have to have something replaced here. Things like the furnace & the windows and things like that. Right now we are just trying to figure out how to this kind off thing. My full time job, always gets 3 estamated for any major jobs that need to be compeleted, so we are going to do that as well. Then we will be better suited to decide who to go with.

We stopped for a quick bite at an amazing sandwich shop called #aroundthebend. The sandwiches are amazing, if you happen to be in the SE are of Calgary, you really do want to go there. You stomach will thank you, however you bank account might not like how often you will end up there. But so very worht the trip & the $ for everything there.

Next it’s off to my sister’s place (out in the country) for the neice & nefrews birthday partty. There are 5 newfrews and onnly 1 neice. It was fun we had 3 generations sitting around, talking, laughing and eating. Ugh! so much food yesterday. My family could feed an army with very little planning, because we can all cook for 20 ppl without thinking about it. I finally packed it in at about 21:30-ish. So much walking & way too much food.


I have so much to do I am working on day 6 of #asaeadaychallenge, so mcuh to do & still trying to get my 1st cup of coffee, so until next time,