It seems that writing stuff for three days seems to work really well for me. I do not feel as much pressure doing my blog posts like this. I can write something about each day. I really love this new format. I seem to keep on chaning things on you guys.

Ugh my keyboard tabel case decide that it wasn’t going to work yesterday. So I have missed a whole day at work where I could have been writting. I final got the geezer working agin & now you can’t get me to shut up. heheh.

I am on day 8 of #asaladaychallenge, I have done so much already, but I have a tonne of things to do still. However everything that I’m going now will build my micro business & get me closer to my goal. I was telling my sister the plan… her responce “Ohh(while sucking in her breath) retail is so hard in this economy”. Thanks for your vote of confidence sis. I kind of knew that would be her responce. but I’m not going to let that stop me. I am going to do it, to prove to myself, as well as every other nan-sayer that I can do this. Sometime, i just need to hear the word, and they will light a fire under my butt. I was told no many times before & every single time I have proven the “No” people wrong. This will be the same. I have my set goals, I have even invisioned my retail space, from the lighting hanging from the ceiling, right down to the floor covering & everything between. The more I envision my space the more details I add. When I first started building my space in my mind, it was late fall almost winter. There was a crazy storm, that knocked out the power, so the boiler in the building didn’t have the elecctricity needed to run the motor. The building was cold very quickly, so I even thought of a way to stay warm in my retail space. I have such a clear picture of what I want I can almost taste it.

I have signed up for a health challenge at my full time job. It starts on Oct 05/15 which just so happens that it is my first day of vacation. Which can be a huge advantage since I can go for walks, bike rights & just about anything else I want. I think that I might buy another exercise trackers of some kind. I loved my Fitbit, I wore it until it fell apart & then sent it back since it was on recall. I now have to figure out how I’m going to get more exercising into my alreay jam-packed days. I think that there will be shorter hours of sleep & more hours of everything. I still have no idea what day it is & on a good day I might know what month it is.

Well I have day 9 to finish for #asaleadaychallenge, so until next time,