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For today’s blog It’s “show me Sunday”. I haven’t got a lot of pictures on my tablet, so I’m not sure what I can show you for Sunday. Since it’s only Friday I still have sometime to find things that I want to take pictures of. I think that maybe what I should do is buy & assemble a light box take some pictures of the the materials, and then maybe even try to get D to take some pictures of me building it backwards. I build everything at least twice the first time, because I will normally put at least 1 piece in backwards & have to re-build, this is even with the instructions, since they no longer use word, it’s all just diagrams, or pictures.  Ok, so I got a little bit carried away with that last thougt.

I need to take product shots. I think that I will need to try to find the photo editing software (that came with my camera) and go through the tutorial on how to use it. I am getting ideas & my fingrers aren’t fast enough to keep up. I think that I might have to come up with my own verison of shorthand. Heheh.


Dead day – no writting, way too tired to process thoughts


Have you ever had one of those night that you just didn’t want to end. I had one of those on friday night. I stayed up way too late (I knwo I should have gone to bed so much earlier than I did). I managed to get up at an ok time, but I felt like I was gradding my butt behind me all day. we did some running around & when we got home I totally crashed. I hate days like that. I have figured out scheduling for blogging. I spend Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday writting stuff for “Wordy Wednesday”, take Thrusday off then write Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for “Show Me Sunday”. Yesterday I didn’t write anything. I don’t thinnk that I like that.

IMG_1344 (2)For “Show me Sunday” I want to share a couple of the behind the scenes stuff. I want to share with you two pictures… 1= place marker (I made these) on white back ground & 2= place markers (I also made these)IMG_1345 (8). What I want to show you is the difference between the back grounds. The only thing different in the pictures is the zoom, and the number of place markers.

I don’t really understand why one has a white back ground & the other one doesn’t. I think that it might be time to look into some kind of photo editing software. I totally want people to think that I have a “professional” taking my pictures. However I think that might a blog post for another time. If anyone could explain why my background are so different I will for be grateful.

well I have to clean my office & get some other work completed, so until next time,