I spent all day on the computer yesterday, setting up my store on facebook store & page. I thought that I closed the store only to find out that I didn’t. So I have spent sometime setting that up again & I have been going crazy posting stuff on my Facebook page. It’s all part of a marketing campane that I have been learning about. @creativehive had an amazing workshop on boosting your facebbok presence. She was teaching about stuff I had no idea you could do with Facebook. But now that I do know about I’m going to use it


I have been spending so much time on the interweb. I have been all over instagram, facebook, and just general surfing. I think that it might be a great time for a break. But I need to make sure that I completed my #asaleadaychallenge before heading to bed. I also want to work some more on a baby blanket that I started on the weekend.

I don’t have anyone in mind of this blanket, so it will go on sale in my shop. It’s super cute & really snuggly. There are flat bits & bumpy bits. I’ll be sure to post a picture of the blanket on here before I post it to my store. I have to admit that I love the sound of that… My Store. I have so much to do… Tomorrow I am really hoping that I can just write my blod post during my breaks & not have to spend all of my down time at work, working. heheh. One day that will not be an issues since I will be the boss & I will have already done all of the hard stuff now. A the small bussiness dream…


I managed to stay up for a bit longer working on the blanket last night. I was able to get about 6 or 7 rows completel. I love this little blanket. I think that I might have to figure out the adult size & make one for my bed.

You would think with the weather changing and the night being colder, I would need to turn up the heat. Well fuzzy face (my cat) crawled into bed last night & was snuggling into me. I was so hot because of his body heat I woke up, pushing the blankets off. Fuzzy face just looked at me, but his head & went back to sleep. For not being a snuggle puss, he sure does love crawling into bed with us. He really isn’t very big on catting, he is more pony/dog than cat. I am laughing at him all the time. Sometimes it’s well deserved, other times, its not.

Leave it to me, to get so distracted that I almost miss “wordy wednesday”. I technically still have  12 minutes. Well I have to get myself to bed, so I that I can get up or work, so until next time,