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I have added a new board on Pinterest. It’s all about yarn, and everything that you can do with it. I love all of the creativity. There are things that I didn’t even think about. But once I have seen something that I like, my brain starts working on a way that I can make it with out looking at the instructions. Some times it works out really well, and other times, really not well. But then again, it’s art, is there such a thing as right or not right?

Oh wait a second, it’s thursday I shopuld be taking the day off, but I was excited to share the boards that I have created.
ass of 17:00 I am on vacation form the full time job. So excited. we have a bunch of things planed. Nothing major, just small little day rips around the province. day trips around our city. I love these kinds of vacation, no plans, & you dont have to do anything if you don’t want to.


I didn’t spend much time writing today. I was working on a new pattern for a shawl. I tried to write it out at first. but it wasn’t working out for me. So then I tried to knitt what I had written, well parts of it looks great, other parts, really need some work. So that is what I will be working on today.  I think that I will frog it & try again. Once I get the pattern right I might share it, or I might sell it on Raverly. I’m not sure what I will do yet, but since I still have a small tonne of things for this shawl.

I needed two woolygigs (on the right) and didn’t want to spend more money right now, so I grabbed a very heavy glass bottles that we already had. Stick one knitting needle through the middle of the yarn cake, and place the other end into the bottle, and now you have two woolygigs.

Well we are off to one of the local community theaters groups. It’s “Death of a Salesman” tonight. Wednesday we have have a Murder Mystery & then on Saturday we have the symphony. I can’t wait. I love all of the culter we get in this week.


Woke up late-sh, but not really. We woke up @ 08:30. Our poor cat, he is normally fed at 08:00. D went down to check & fuzzy face still had food in his bowl, so it wasn’t as bad as we thought. I took some pictures of the shawl that I started yesterday. It’s not to bad, but I think I need to set up a light box type of thing. wooh! how did it become 11:20 already.  I should maybe also get clock for my office. Heheh.

I still need to clean my office. I am thinking that I will have to take some times this week, to clean it up, and maybe even build a couple of displays or something like that.

The typical Sunday sounds are being heard in our house today, football from teh “Man Cave” and clicking of a keyboard form my office. The best part about sundday, we are so causual that we come & go without worring about what we have planned. Football is every Sunday until Superbowl & then we will have to think about things to do on Sundays.

I’m going to work on my shawl, so until next time,