Well since I’m on vacation I haven’t been writting much. I haven’t even worked on my cables shawl even. I have been running around having fun & thinking about how much I am loving being free. There is so much stuff I have to do. But this week I am putting it off. I am still working on my #asaleadaychallenge.

we went out to the mountians yesterday. I even managed to pick up some amazing yarn. I’m typing from my bed & don’t really feel like getting out from under the warn comfy blankets. So pictures will have to wait.

I’m still looking into what I need to learn & do so that I can learn to spin. I would love to spend a large portion of my day woking on spinning wool. Then unsing some of my wool & making something. Hmm still so much to learn.

Ok, it’s bed time now, so until next time,