The first anniversary has come, and I miss my brother so much. I don’t think that I will ever not miss him. I still don’t feel like writing, and getting this going again, but it’s been a year & I need to pick myself up & get going.

So last summer I joined a Viking Age reenactment group. I totally love this group of people. Everything about it is great. D (in case you have forgotten, my life partner) has said more then once, that our viking group feels like family. I couldn’t agree more with him. So for the last couple of month I have been sewing (which is a huge deal for me… I had an unnatural fear of sewing machines). Well I can now say that I have spend enough time with my machine to feel comfortable with it. I can now say with pride that I can sew a tunic (without a pattern) in 3 days. We had a fundraiser on a Saturday, we washed D’s tunic & it shrunk. Which has totally confused me, since I have washed, and dried it twice before. We figured that it wouldn’t work, so I had to make a new one I started on Wednesday, it was ready to go Friday night. I really should post the finished project.

I also have gone back to one of my other loves (in the crafting world) Chainmaille jewelry. My hands are really out of shape for making, cutting & then joining thousands of rings. But I am so loving it again. I still have all of the beads, and wires from 20-ish years ago, so I can build/create beautifully beaded maille.

I will also be continuing with my yarn love creating beautiful knit, or crocheted pieces. However I will also be adding another craft with wool (yes it needs to to be wool since that is the fiber that is authentic to the viking era) called Naalbinding. It is the first form of knitting, so I am in the process of learning. I am hoping that once I get the hang of it, I will be post pictures, and possible selling my pieces, only time will tell with that one.

I have also been giving crochet classes at work, there were a couple of ladies that wanted to learn & so I said “I can teach you”. So we have had a couple of classes, which has been a couple of hours of laughs, a bit of swearing, and even some crocheting. LOL! We have another class scheduled for next week.

Well I have things that need to get done, so until next time,