So I have been teaching a couple of ladies at work how to crochet. This has been a hoot. We laugh, and we “try” to crochet (catch the bunny… catch the other bunny. I just about died when another lady joining us for the first class, yelled “catch the damn bunny”). I have converted them in to yarnies… what I mean by this is you buy more yarn before you finish your projects. We have started two blankets (a “V” stitch, and a granny square) so far. On the V stitch blanket one of the ladies is on the boarder to finish & the other one is still working on it. The Granny square, we tried after the ladies had worked over night (so they were a bit over tired) so we will have to try this one again. Both of them are going amazing since they have been crocheting for about three weeks. I can’t wait until all of the blankets are done & we can share pictures (well if they agree to it).

So today I was asked if I could show them how to knit. Now this is a whole new ball of wax so to speak. One of my ladies had knit years ago, and she just needed a brush up. The other one hasn’t ever knit. So with three different levels in the room, it was interesting. I advised them that knitting will take so much longer then crocheting. which they experienced today. I have always said that crocheting is instant gratification, and knitting is not.

Well I have stuff that needs my attention, so until next time,