Friends, yarn, and a shit ton of laughs

So I have been teaching a couple of ladies at work how to crochet. This has been a hoot. We laugh, and we “try” to crochet (catch the bunny… catch the other bunny. I just about died when another lady joining us for the first class, yelled “catch the damn bunny”). I have converted them in to yarnies… what I mean by this is you buy more yarn before you finish your projects. We have started two blankets (a “V” stitch, and a granny square) so far. On the V stitch blanket one of the ladies is on the boarder to finish & the other one is still working on it. The Granny square, we tried after the ladies had worked over night (so they were a bit over tired) so we will have to try this one again. Both of them are going amazing since they have been crocheting for about three weeks. I can’t wait until all of the blankets are done & we can share pictures (well if they agree to it).

So today I was asked if I could show them how to knit. Now this is a whole new ball of wax so to speak. One of my ladies had knit years ago, and she just needed a brush up. The other one hasn’t ever knit. So with three different levels in the room, it was interesting. I advised them that knitting will take so much longer then crocheting. which they experienced today. I have always said that crocheting is instant gratification, and knitting is not.

Well I have stuff that needs my attention, so until next time,



Lots of new stuff

The first anniversary has come, and I miss my brother so much. I don’t think that I will ever not miss him. I still don’t feel like writing, and getting this going again, but it’s been a year & I need to pick myself up & get going.

So last summer I joined a Viking Age reenactment group. I totally love this group of people. Everything about it is great. D (in case you have forgotten, my life partner) has said more then once, that our viking group feels like family. I couldn’t agree more with him. So for the last couple of month I have been sewing (which is a huge deal for me… I had an unnatural fear of sewing machines). Well I can now say that I have spend enough time with my machine to feel comfortable with it. I can now say with pride that I can sew a tunic (without a pattern) in 3 days. We had a fundraiser on a Saturday, we washed D’s tunic & it shrunk. Which has totally confused me, since I have washed, and dried it twice before. We figured that it wouldn’t work, so I had to make a new one I started on Wednesday, it was ready to go Friday night. I really should post the finished project.

I also have gone back to one of my other loves (in the crafting world) Chainmaille jewelry. My hands are really out of shape for making, cutting & then joining thousands of rings. But I am so loving it again. I still have all of the beads, and wires from 20-ish years ago, so I can build/create beautifully beaded maille.

I will also be continuing with my yarn love creating beautiful knit, or crocheted pieces. However I will also be adding another craft with wool (yes it needs to to be wool since that is the fiber that is authentic to the viking era) called Naalbinding. It is the first form of knitting, so I am in the process of learning. I am hoping that once I get the hang of it, I will be post pictures, and possible selling my pieces, only time will tell with that one.

I have also been giving crochet classes at work, there were a couple of ladies that wanted to learn & so I said “I can teach you”. So we have had a couple of classes, which has been a couple of hours of laughs, a bit of swearing, and even some crocheting. LOL! We have another class scheduled for next week.

Well I have things that need to get done, so until next time,


Coming back soon

It has almost been a year since my brother passed away. I still don’t understand why. With the anniversary coming up, I will be slowly get back into posting & creating again.

Knot So Long Ago seems to be shifting a bit. I will still be working on creating yarns pieces, however I will also be sliding more into Viking area arts. There are so many amazing arts/crafts. Modern day knitting has it’s roots in the viking age. The difference is that Naalbinding (Viking knitting) was done with 1 needle. I am still trying to work this out, it’s tougher then I though that it would be.

So there will be modern day knitting, as well as naalbinding, as well as other kinds of crafts/arts.



Looking back

There have been so many things that have happened in the last year. I have so much to share (which I will post shortly).  I think that the picture below says it all…

I have decided that I will come back to WordPress. I am wanting to re-start Knot So Long Ago, and this seems to be the format that is best suited to me. Anyways more on that later.

So until next time,



So tired

Oct 14, 2015

Moving to domainAs the English say “I am knackered” which means, that tired doesn’t even begin to touch on how I am feeling.

I know that it’s “Wordy Wednesday”, but it is hurting to hold my eyes open. So in place of words, I’m going to post something that hopefully will bring a smile to your face.

Well I’m going to crawl into bed for the night even if it’s only just past 22:00. So until next time,


Canadian tukey day

since today/tomorrow is thanksgiving, we had my dad over for dinner. everything was so good.

I got in the first of many workouts in before dinner. Dinner was great. I haven’ been in my office for very much time today. So i will be a nice & short post for today.

I have a new domain:

if you would like to check it out.

well I have to get in the shower before I fall asleep…Zzz…Zzz… just kidding. So until next time,


Technical help, please


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I have a new domain. I am every excited about this. However I can’t figure out how to add the domain name to this account. I still want to post here, so that people who know me here, do not get lost between this blog & the other one.

I have looked around trying to find the way link the two. I would really hate to lose any contacts because I moved.

Mind you, if I do not figure it our I can always put a sign/post that has the new domain name & the moving date. I am really hoping that I do not have to do that.

I have to make dinner soon, so until next time,


Oct something or other until now.

Well since I’m on vacation I haven’t been writting much. I haven’t even worked on my cables shawl even. I have been running around having fun & thinking about how much I am loving being free. There is so much stuff I have to do. But this week I am putting it off. I am still working on my #asaleadaychallenge.

we went out to the mountians yesterday. I even managed to pick up some amazing yarn. I’m typing from my bed & don’t really feel like getting out from under the warn comfy blankets. So pictures will have to wait.

I’m still looking into what I need to learn & do so that I can learn to spin. I would love to spend a large portion of my day woking on spinning wool. Then unsing some of my wool & making something. Hmm still so much to learn.

Ok, it’s bed time now, so until next time,


Oct 01/15 – Oct -4/15


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I have added a new board on Pinterest. It’s all about yarn, and everything that you can do with it. I love all of the creativity. There are things that I didn’t even think about. But once I have seen something that I like, my brain starts working on a way that I can make it with out looking at the instructions. Some times it works out really well, and other times, really not well. But then again, it’s art, is there such a thing as right or not right?

Oh wait a second, it’s thursday I shopuld be taking the day off, but I was excited to share the boards that I have created.
ass of 17:00 I am on vacation form the full time job. So excited. we have a bunch of things planed. Nothing major, just small little day rips around the province. day trips around our city. I love these kinds of vacation, no plans, & you dont have to do anything if you don’t want to.


I didn’t spend much time writing today. I was working on a new pattern for a shawl. I tried to write it out at first. but it wasn’t working out for me. So then I tried to knitt what I had written, well parts of it looks great, other parts, really need some work. So that is what I will be working on today.  I think that I will frog it & try again. Once I get the pattern right I might share it, or I might sell it on Raverly. I’m not sure what I will do yet, but since I still have a small tonne of things for this shawl.

I needed two woolygigs (on the right) and didn’t want to spend more money right now, so I grabbed a very heavy glass bottles that we already had. Stick one knitting needle through the middle of the yarn cake, and place the other end into the bottle, and now you have two woolygigs.

Well we are off to one of the local community theaters groups. It’s “Death of a Salesman” tonight. Wednesday we have have a Murder Mystery & then on Saturday we have the symphony. I can’t wait. I love all of the culter we get in this week.


Woke up late-sh, but not really. We woke up @ 08:30. Our poor cat, he is normally fed at 08:00. D went down to check & fuzzy face still had food in his bowl, so it wasn’t as bad as we thought. I took some pictures of the shawl that I started yesterday. It’s not to bad, but I think I need to set up a light box type of thing. wooh! how did it become 11:20 already.  I should maybe also get clock for my office. Heheh.

I still need to clean my office. I am thinking that I will have to take some times this week, to clean it up, and maybe even build a couple of displays or something like that.

The typical Sunday sounds are being heard in our house today, football from teh “Man Cave” and clicking of a keyboard form my office. The best part about sundday, we are so causual that we come & go without worring about what we have planned. Football is every Sunday until Superbowl & then we will have to think about things to do on Sundays.

I’m going to work on my shawl, so until next time,


Sept 28/15 – Sep 30/15


I spent all day on the computer yesterday, setting up my store on facebook store & page. I thought that I closed the store only to find out that I didn’t. So I have spent sometime setting that up again & I have been going crazy posting stuff on my Facebook page. It’s all part of a marketing campane that I have been learning about. @creativehive had an amazing workshop on boosting your facebbok presence. She was teaching about stuff I had no idea you could do with Facebook. But now that I do know about I’m going to use it


I have been spending so much time on the interweb. I have been all over instagram, facebook, and just general surfing. I think that it might be a great time for a break. But I need to make sure that I completed my #asaleadaychallenge before heading to bed. I also want to work some more on a baby blanket that I started on the weekend.

I don’t have anyone in mind of this blanket, so it will go on sale in my shop. It’s super cute & really snuggly. There are flat bits & bumpy bits. I’ll be sure to post a picture of the blanket on here before I post it to my store. I have to admit that I love the sound of that… My Store. I have so much to do… Tomorrow I am really hoping that I can just write my blod post during my breaks & not have to spend all of my down time at work, working. heheh. One day that will not be an issues since I will be the boss & I will have already done all of the hard stuff now. A the small bussiness dream…


I managed to stay up for a bit longer working on the blanket last night. I was able to get about 6 or 7 rows completel. I love this little blanket. I think that I might have to figure out the adult size & make one for my bed.

You would think with the weather changing and the night being colder, I would need to turn up the heat. Well fuzzy face (my cat) crawled into bed last night & was snuggling into me. I was so hot because of his body heat I woke up, pushing the blankets off. Fuzzy face just looked at me, but his head & went back to sleep. For not being a snuggle puss, he sure does love crawling into bed with us. He really isn’t very big on catting, he is more pony/dog than cat. I am laughing at him all the time. Sometimes it’s well deserved, other times, its not.

Leave it to me, to get so distracted that I almost miss “wordy wednesday”. I technically still have  12 minutes. Well I have to get myself to bed, so I that I can get up or work, so until next time,