Sept 28/15 – Sep 30/15


I spent all day on the computer yesterday, setting up my store on facebook store & page. I thought that I closed the store only to find out that I didn’t. So I have spent sometime setting that up again & I have been going crazy posting stuff on my Facebook page. It’s all part of a marketing campane that I have been learning about. @creativehive had an amazing workshop on boosting your facebbok presence. She was teaching about stuff I had no idea you could do with Facebook. But now that I do know about I’m going to use it


I have been spending so much time on the interweb. I have been all over instagram, facebook, and just general surfing. I think that it might be a great time for a break. But I need to make sure that I completed my #asaleadaychallenge before heading to bed. I also want to work some more on a baby blanket that I started on the weekend.

I don’t have anyone in mind of this blanket, so it will go on sale in my shop. It’s super cute & really snuggly. There are flat bits & bumpy bits. I’ll be sure to post a picture of the blanket on here before I post it to my store. I have to admit that I love the sound of that… My Store. I have so much to do… Tomorrow I am really hoping that I can just write my blod post during my breaks & not have to spend all of my down time at work, working. heheh. One day that will not be an issues since I will be the boss & I will have already done all of the hard stuff now. A the small bussiness dream…


I managed to stay up for a bit longer working on the blanket last night. I was able to get about 6 or 7 rows completel. I love this little blanket. I think that I might have to figure out the adult size & make one for my bed.

You would think with the weather changing and the night being colder, I would need to turn up the heat. Well fuzzy face (my cat) crawled into bed last night & was snuggling into me. I was so hot because of his body heat I woke up, pushing the blankets off. Fuzzy face just looked at me, but his head & went back to sleep. For not being a snuggle puss, he sure does love crawling into bed with us. He really isn’t very big on catting, he is more pony/dog than cat. I am laughing at him all the time. Sometimes it’s well deserved, other times, its not.

Leave it to me, to get so distracted that I almost miss “wordy wednesday”. I technically still have  12 minutes. Well I have to get myself to bed, so I that I can get up or work, so until next time,


Sept 24/15 – Sept 27/15


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For today’s blog It’s “show me Sunday”. I haven’t got a lot of pictures on my tablet, so I’m not sure what I can show you for Sunday. Since it’s only Friday I still have sometime to find things that I want to take pictures of. I think that maybe what I should do is buy & assemble a light box take some pictures of the the materials, and then maybe even try to get D to take some pictures of me building it backwards. I build everything at least twice the first time, because I will normally put at least 1 piece in backwards & have to re-build, this is even with the instructions, since they no longer use word, it’s all just diagrams, or pictures.  Ok, so I got a little bit carried away with that last thougt.

I need to take product shots. I think that I will need to try to find the photo editing software (that came with my camera) and go through the tutorial on how to use it. I am getting ideas & my fingrers aren’t fast enough to keep up. I think that I might have to come up with my own verison of shorthand. Heheh.


Dead day – no writting, way too tired to process thoughts


Have you ever had one of those night that you just didn’t want to end. I had one of those on friday night. I stayed up way too late (I knwo I should have gone to bed so much earlier than I did). I managed to get up at an ok time, but I felt like I was gradding my butt behind me all day. we did some running around & when we got home I totally crashed. I hate days like that. I have figured out scheduling for blogging. I spend Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday writting stuff for “Wordy Wednesday”, take Thrusday off then write Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for “Show Me Sunday”. Yesterday I didn’t write anything. I don’t thinnk that I like that.

IMG_1344 (2)For “Show me Sunday” I want to share a couple of the behind the scenes stuff. I want to share with you two pictures… 1= place marker (I made these) on white back ground & 2= place markers (I also made these)IMG_1345 (8). What I want to show you is the difference between the back grounds. The only thing different in the pictures is the zoom, and the number of place markers.

I don’t really understand why one has a white back ground & the other one doesn’t. I think that it might be time to look into some kind of photo editing software. I totally want people to think that I have a “professional” taking my pictures. However I think that might a blog post for another time. If anyone could explain why my background are so different I will for be grateful.

well I have to clean my office & get some other work completed, so until next time,


Three days of stuff

It seems that writing stuff for three days seems to work really well for me. I do not feel as much pressure doing my blog posts like this. I can write something about each day. I really love this new format. I seem to keep on chaning things on you guys.

Ugh my keyboard tabel case decide that it wasn’t going to work yesterday. So I have missed a whole day at work where I could have been writting. I final got the geezer working agin & now you can’t get me to shut up. heheh.

I am on day 8 of #asaladaychallenge, I have done so much already, but I have a tonne of things to do still. However everything that I’m going now will build my micro business & get me closer to my goal. I was telling my sister the plan… her responce “Ohh(while sucking in her breath) retail is so hard in this economy”. Thanks for your vote of confidence sis. I kind of knew that would be her responce. but I’m not going to let that stop me. I am going to do it, to prove to myself, as well as every other nan-sayer that I can do this. Sometime, i just need to hear the word, and they will light a fire under my butt. I was told no many times before & every single time I have proven the “No” people wrong. This will be the same. I have my set goals, I have even invisioned my retail space, from the lighting hanging from the ceiling, right down to the floor covering & everything between. The more I envision my space the more details I add. When I first started building my space in my mind, it was late fall almost winter. There was a crazy storm, that knocked out the power, so the boiler in the building didn’t have the elecctricity needed to run the motor. The building was cold very quickly, so I even thought of a way to stay warm in my retail space. I have such a clear picture of what I want I can almost taste it.

I have signed up for a health challenge at my full time job. It starts on Oct 05/15 which just so happens that it is my first day of vacation. Which can be a huge advantage since I can go for walks, bike rights & just about anything else I want. I think that I might buy another exercise trackers of some kind. I loved my Fitbit, I wore it until it fell apart & then sent it back since it was on recall. I now have to figure out how I’m going to get more exercising into my alreay jam-packed days. I think that there will be shorter hours of sleep & more hours of everything. I still have no idea what day it is & on a good day I might know what month it is.

Well I have day 9 to finish for #asaleadaychallenge, so until next time,


Sept 18, 2016 – Sept 20, 2016


Baby J is so sweet. He is so tiny. I love babies at this size. He is just over 5 weeks old. My sister told me that he slept under it the night that I gave it to him. I love that they are using it. So I can now show you what the blanket looks like, I couldn’t show it off before giving it to them.


As a side note, this blanket took about 2 – 2 1/2 hours to build.

(sorry the picture is so dark) It’s on of those super squishy, soft, & warm blankets. As it so happens if baby J grows too fast, I can always ad on to it. Or if He would like a differnt blanket as he gets older/bigger I can totally do thtat for him too.

Alright on to the business part of this blog… I have started my #asaleadaychallenge. There is a lot of work to be done, but in the long run, it is all things that need to be done for my business. I am on day 4. And funny enough todays is all about taking really great pictures (not the one above) so that people can really see how great my stuff is. I amkind of really excited about this one. I have great stuff, but my pictures do not match, so I’m going to learn how to fix them, so that they match. Great work + great pictures should = sales.


I did not really get a lot of time to work on Knot So Long Ago stuff. In the morning we headed off to the Home & design show. We have to have something replaced here. Things like the furnace & the windows and things like that. Right now we are just trying to figure out how to this kind off thing. My full time job, always gets 3 estamated for any major jobs that need to be compeleted, so we are going to do that as well. Then we will be better suited to decide who to go with.

We stopped for a quick bite at an amazing sandwich shop called #aroundthebend. The sandwiches are amazing, if you happen to be in the SE are of Calgary, you really do want to go there. You stomach will thank you, however you bank account might not like how often you will end up there. But so very worht the trip & the $ for everything there.

Next it’s off to my sister’s place (out in the country) for the neice & nefrews birthday partty. There are 5 newfrews and onnly 1 neice. It was fun we had 3 generations sitting around, talking, laughing and eating. Ugh! so much food yesterday. My family could feed an army with very little planning, because we can all cook for 20 ppl without thinking about it. I finally packed it in at about 21:30-ish. So much walking & way too much food.


I have so much to do I am working on day 6 of #asaeadaychallenge, so mcuh to do & still trying to get my 1st cup of coffee, so until next time,


Sept 16, 2015

Ugh first time I did on this post is type “Aug”. Oh good greif, I have no idea what month it is any more. I have to look at a clendar to figure what day it is, and what I need to do.

I bought something that will help with scheduling things, also when I am playing on my tablet (and should be working) I bought a tablet kickstand with keyboard. Now I have no excuses for not working. I can play & work & then play again. I will start scheduling time for my blog post. I want to share stuff/progress with people, but I just feel so overwhelmed with lack of time.

I finished the blanket for my sister’s baby J. It’s been a while since we have had a new baby in the family, I can’t wait to meet him. I was able to finish his blanket in a couple of hours, not too bad seeing how I had to learn a new stitch for this blanket.

Well I’m at work & just finishing my lunch break, so until next time,


Never enough time in the day

There never seems to be enough timein the day. I have so much today & so little time to do it. I really need to start scheduling mt time better. This way I can plan on blogging. I still haven’t fully set up my office. I still have tonnes of pictures to take. But I will got to them shortly.

Last weekend we painted our bedroom. It is the more beautiful red you could ever imagine. The colour is called “Oreintal Express”. The setting sun shines right into our bedroom, and the colour just radiates love and passion. I love spending time in there even more now. I’m sill deciding on if I want the office to be a different colour or not. I have a while to decide, since painting the room last weeke seems that I have buggered up my thumb. It isn’t really affecting knitting or crocheting. Just work stuff like typing, writing and the likes of that.

My sister has a new baby Jackson. I can’t wait to meet him. I think that he & his Mummy are in BC right now, I’ll have to send her a message to see when they are back.

One of the ladies at work is expecting, and my little sister’s BFF is also expecting in late Jan 2016. I think tHat for the next little while I’ll be creating and building baby blankets. I will do baby neutral for the next two babies, but for Jackson, I will being going baby boy colours. I have already started his blanket. I don’t want to post pictures yet, because I want to give it to him first & I would like it to be a surprise for his Mummy.

Well I have baby blankets calling my name, so until next time,


It’s in you to give

Aug 29, 2015

Thought that I would take a moment to stop in and say hi. I stil, haven’t figured out the days since we moved. I am trying to figure out where the whole month has gone. The full days at work seem to drag by, every minutes seems like an hour. I look at the clock I am sure that some days the clock is going backwards. However the month is gone in the blink of an eye. I both love & hate that.

My amazing love D is giving of himself today. We are at the bloodbath today. He is able to give blood which he does every hnace he can. I have white coat syndrom, any time a blood presser cuff comes me, my blood pressure will spike. This kind of really makes me sad, since I can’t give like D.

OK on to the next activity for today, after the blood bank we are head off to visit some friends that we haven’t see in a while. We asked what we could bring and D was told “bring the laptop, wife & and an appitite”. Should be a great afternoon.

Well my lovelys, I have crocheting to do while D is big drained. Heheh that just sounds so morbid. So until next time,




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Sunday August 23/15

I have no idea where all of August has gone so far. I remember as a that the summer seemed to stretch on for just about ever. Now you blink & summer is almost done. On Friday we had snow falling in parts of the city I live in. The sky was so dark and the clouds were so thick that we didn’t see the sun at all, then reports of snow. It was a kind of crazy day. Ok, lets get on with it…

Sweater Cowl-TealI promised to share a picture (or two) of the sweater cowl that I was working on last week. Well I have finished the cowl. I didn’t really figure out the pointed edging that I wanted. The next one that I make will start with the lace edging & then build the cowl. I love how warm this cowl is. I used a double strand of worsted weight. This cowl has such a beautiful weight. I am kind of thinking that I might keep this first cowl. I totally love the softness of this yarn.

I was walking through Michael’s Craft store one day. I found mystery yarn, in the the “Clearance” bin. I think that it might be an acrylic. I’m not really sure what kind of fiber this is. The picture doesn’t really do the colour justice (please also forgive the clutter in the back ground). The colour is a gorgeous Teal. I’ll try to get a better picture in natural lighting, so that everyone can love this little cowl as much as I do.

I was so happy with the way my office had been changed once I figured out that the office was backwards. Well My Fuzzy-Face (Merlin my cat) showed me just how wrong it was. I had my laptop on the top shelf of my desk, fuzzy-face decided that he was going to walk across my laptop/desk & kind of knocked the laptop off. I went diving for the laptop, Fuzzy-face ran for the door. It was chaos for a second or two. I managed to save the laptop, and Merlin was under the couch in the living room. My poor little fuzzy-face. Well, I have changed the orientation of my desk & now if Fuzzy-face walks across the desk my laptop will not fall off, since it is now against the wall. I’ll clean up my office again & then post pictures, so you can see the new, new floor plan.

Well It’s almost midnight here, so it’s bed time. Until next time,



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Aug 14, 2015

You guys must think that I’m nuts. Talking about “Wordy Wednesday”, when it wasn’t Wednesday. See what I mean, about the temperature spike yesterday. I swear that it was Wednesday. Oh well. I have been looking around for knitted edging. I have found a couple that I really like, and a couple that said that it is better to start the garment with the edging & then build on to it from there. No big deal, I’ll try to find something & if I can’t I’ll just have to make it up. Any ways, I’ve got some knitting calling my name, so until next time,


long days of summer


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Aug 13, 2015

Have you ever been so hot & uncomfortable that you can barely think? today the temperatures reached 36 C. which translate to 96.8 F. Temperatures like this, last for a couple of days and then the temperatures will return to normal like 20 C. but it’s just so hot…

Fuzzy face (known as Merlin) decided that he would walk up the bed & purr softly right beside my head waking me up at 05:45. Who knew that fuzzy face would be so active in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe because it’s not so hot. He probable feels more comfortable withe cooler temperatures. I can’t wait to get into my bed tonight, but “Wordy Wednesday” needs to be completed.

I have started a super cute ribbed cowl. It is a 2X2 ribbing. There was a sweater cowl that I found on Ravelry, I didn’t add it to my favorites, no that would have been way too easy. So I am now kind of just making it up. I really want to finish it with some kind of pretty edging, but I am not sure what kind of an edge to use. I will have to look around the inter web, too see what kind of edging there is, maybe something that has three points per mofit. If by “Show me Sunday”, I still haven’t figure out the edging, I’ll ask for help.

It’s now bed time, seeing how I have been up for 17 hours today. So until next time,